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About Fusion Pharmacy

We are Fusion Specialty Pharmacy
Fusion Specialty Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in St. George Utah dedicated to formulating creative, individualized, and compounded medications that can improve compliance, maximize the potential for therapeutic success and reduce the overall cost of healthcare. One of our goals is to offer a personalized service to our patients and help them understand their core ailment. This will allow us to work closely with their physicians and create a customized formulation. Fusion Specialty Pharmacy will offer the personalized attention that the other pharmacies are unable to offer due to their business environment.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our patients. By preparing customized prescriptions, offering personal attention, and maintaining communication between physician and patient, we are able to accomplish this goal. We are dedicated to serving as trust-worthy and highly trained health care professionals. We, as owners and pharmacists, have spent years developing relationships within our community, as well as nationwide. Developing relationships is not only an important part of customer service, but it is an essential part of providing quality pharmaceutical care.

Our national accreditation with PCAB ensures patients and providers that every compound prescription is made only with top-quality ingredients, and our FocusScript accreditation allows us to work with most insurance companies. We are also licensed and shipping to multiple states. Contact us today for more information. Our Pharmacists and staff are happy to provide you with assistance.

Hours - Not Specified

Hours - Not Specified