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The Right Way to Detox

By Cody Pickett

When you hear the word “cleanse,” most people picture a five-gallon pitcher of lemon juice with cayenne pepper and crushed ginger that they must guzzle for three days while fasting. It’s a pretty bleak image, not to mention an unhealthy one. There’s little scientific evidence that ‘detoxing’ does anything other make you run to the bathroom.

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To Everything there is a Season

by Terrin Parker My family and I recently moved. When we attended church on Sunday, they passed around a “getting to know you” form for new congregants to complete. I inked in my replies, then paused when I got to the line which read: “Talents, hobbies, and interests.” Hmm. Well, I used to play the guitar and write songs.  » Read more about: To Everything there is a Season  »

How to Buy Happiness

Most believe that happiness is one of the primary purposes of life, but there are varied theories on how to experience the most happiness. This topic is intriguing to me, so I did a little research into various beliefs about happiness. I was fascinated by the findings of a psychologist named Thomas Gilovich, who found that individuals who spend money on experiences instead of material possessions experience greater happiness for longer periods of time.

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